A Condo For Sale In Kayu Ara

If you are looking for a property right now, you can check out the condo for sale in Kayu Ara property, that is near to Damansara Utama and other areas that are known to be famous to tourists. Kayu Ara might just be a small village, but because it is near to some of the top places in Malaysia, it easily attracts tourists as well. 

That is right and so, if you are planning to start a rental business, choosing this village might be a good idea as the properties here are not that expensive. In fact, you can say that this condo is quite priced reasonably. 

Buying a condo is known to be rewarding, especially if this property is for business. More and more employees who are working actually prefer living in a condo as they don’t only want to be near their workplaces, at the same time, they also want to live independently. 

Are you interested about the condo? Here is more information:

  • The property is on leasehold and thus it will be up to you if you like such a condition. But then again, if then again, it is actually more like yours already since a leasehold can run up to 999 years. 
  • It is partially furnished. So, if you are going to rent it out, you won’t have to buy appliances right away. You can check the condo first so you will know what are lacking. You might not even need to get more appliances immediately. The condo after all has all the basic furniture that will be needed to live comfortably. 
  • The place is just near to the famous Utama Mall. Have you heard about this? So, even if you will be the one to live in this property, you will surely have an easier time. You see, it is really great when you are living near a mall as all your needs will then be just nearby. There will be no need for you to commute as most of the time, malls have complete products, from clothes to foods to medicines and so on. 

This condo in Kayu Ara might just be a start of something new. You should check this out right away so you can start your dream of becoming a landlord. It will be great to have a property for rent as it is a passive income. 

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