Perfect selayang apartment for sale: Choose the Best Deal

First, let’s consider the option of buying a new building. This concept unites houses under construction, where you can buy the Selayang apartment for sale or a Selayang condo for sale directly from the company at a bargain price. In this case, the parties conclude an agreement of equity participation (DDU). By choosing an apartment in a new building and buying it, you will become a shareholder, in fact, you are investing your money in building a house. In return, you acquire the right to receive housing at the end of the work.

What are the criteria for choosing an apartment in a new building?

  • stage of construction of the complex;
  • the reliability of the developer;
  • transport accessibility;
  • ecological situation;
  • level of infrastructure development.

Let’s talk a little about the stage of readiness of the new building. On average, at the stage of the excavation, an apartment will cost 20-30% cheaper than finished housing. But at the same time, the closer the deadline, the higher the cost per square meter it is most profitable to take real estate right at the start of sales, but there are more risks.

  • The most important thing when choosing an apartment in a new building is to find a reliable developer. It is his work that determines the timing of the implementation of the object and its quality. Be sure to find and read company reviews on the forums. Take a look at the official page of the developer and check out his other projects – perhaps there are ready-made new buildings among them. You can even visit one or more to assess the real quality of the work of the contractors. Particular attention is required to check the documents building permits, project declarations, contracts, etc.
  • Apartments in residential complexes under construction are primarily aimed at those who are ready to wait 2-3 years before the commissioning of the object and do not pretend to be quickly settled.

Be sure to pay attention to the study of the location, namely the level of infrastructure and transport network development. Often, new buildings are erected in underdeveloped and outlying areas far from schools, kindergartens, clinics and other important facilities. Do you own a personal car? Check the condition of local roads, assess their congestion modern services, such as, for example, allow you to do this online. The level of environmental comfort is also important because living in an apartment next to a factory or dump is not the best choice.

How to choose an apartment in the secondary market

The secondary housing market is most often called simply secondary housing. It opens up ample opportunities to choose an apartment in houses of different years of construction. It can be both old Soviet panel or brick housing, and modern monolithic buildings. Most often, the sale of secondary housing is carried out by homeowners – individuals personally or through agencies. However, you can also find new apartments in newly built houses – developers are engaged in their implementation. In both cases, a standard sales contract will apply to the purchase.

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