Wax Candle And Paraffin Wax Candle


Scented candles are considered very influential in the decoration of our home. The scented candles are, not only at home, are used almost everywhere. The scented candle is used in the offices, the scented candle is used in the drawing rooms, and the scented can be used while traveling. The scented candles make our environment fragranced and aromatic. So, the scent is very essential in our daily life.  When we talk about the wax of the candle, the wax is everything in the candle. The longevity, fragrance, soot, and burn depend upon the wax. If the wax is of good nature and is having positive characteristics, then the candles, aroma, and soot will be of good quality. Because of this, the wax used in the candle contributes significantly towards the candle’s fragrance, scent throw, lifespan, and eco-friendliness. But what is quality wax? There are many kinds of waxes that are used for scented candles. These include palm, gel, and bayberry wax, but the three most used waxes, in which 94% of the candle market are made, are paraffin (69%), soy (22%), and beeswax (2%). Each wax holds its own natural fragrance, melting point, and price level.

Paraffin wax

The overwhelming majority of scented candles on the market today are made using paraffin wax. Why do we only use this? Firstly, it is by far the cheapest and most easily accessible wax on the market. It is also the wax that holds and distributes scent the most effectively, therefore it can contain a more concentrated ratio of fragrance and still produce the full room fragrance effect.

When we observe this it surprises us that paraffin wax is not harmful. Why? Because it has been covered with scents. It is often surprising why paraffin wax doesn’t occupy an unpleasant smell. This is because it is either covered up by scented fragrance or by additional chemicals that are added to the wax to specifically conceal the smell. Although there is no evidence that lighting paraffin wax candles in moderate use cause major health issues, they can often encourage breathing difficulties and light-headedness that can contribute to other problems. There has not been a large amount of research done on the effects of paraffin wax in relation to the human body, therefore I feel it is best to keep away from them.

Scented paraffin wax candles are often low in price and in low-quality packaging. As a result, they often appeal to the mainstream mass market. Some more expensive paraffin wax candles are often larger in size, but this does not mean they will last longer than other waxes, as paraffin wax is one of the fastest burning waxes on the market.


The wax or paraffin wax makes up very good quality candles. These candles are very friendly in their nature. These waxes contribute to making a quality brand. reliable brands are found in Malaysia. Check out these and have a very pleasant scent, pleasant burn, and harmless soot.

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