Why Time Malaysia Services Are the Best Solutions Now

After the long emergency phase, many things return to their place, which we are all happy about. However, good new habits are not forgotten, and organizations that have discovered the advantages offered by the possibility of working in teams with online collaboration tools in real-time are willing to confirm ways of working that in the meantime have proved efficient and productive. 

We, remote workers, have changed a bit too, and maybe we have discovered that SharePoint and Teams can be an excellent opportunity when there is to work in a team, not just from home. In addition, they are also handy, easy to use and equipped with cloud-native intelligence that makes them constantly efficient and updated. With Time broadband Malaysia you can expect the best. You can click here to view Time fibre Malaysia.

Risks related to the security of online collaboration

We said that security is a fundamental aspect in the practice of online collaboration because in fact there are risks in using PCs, tablets and smartphones for remote work. The main ones, not all directly linked to cybercriminal activities, refer to five situations:

  • Sharing files exposes you to the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • Since multiple people modify the same files, incorrect version control can lead some of the collaborators to damage the work of others.
  • The risks of malware threats grow because it is enough for one of the collaborators to have their infected device to share the infection as well.
  • The data of employees can be stolen and used to commit crimes.
  • The erroneous deletion of files or folders by mistake or, worse, by willful misconduct.

An additional risk, however not dependent on the security of the devices and solutions used, is the always possible drop in the Internet signal, which can cause service interruptions that prevent data from being stored. The risks increase exponentially if you use the same PC to do different things, such as sharing work files, distance learning and maybe even playing games. In a hypothetical handbook available to the IT manager to govern the security of online collaboration, the following six points should not be missing:

Promote awareness and training of users, who must be informed about tactics and possible attack vectors:

  • Advice not to use personal devices and to share what is good to do and not to do in teleworking.
  • Maintain control over access to corporate networks and home offices, creating security-based policies and a response plan that covers the entire perimeter of operations in the event of an accident.
  • Do not implicitly trust assets or user accounts regardless of where they are.
  • Reiterate basic security measures and patch management programs.

You have to know all this if you want to work in web designing too.