5 Landscape Design Trends and Tips

Go for customized fire pits.

Several landscape design projects are now focused on custom fire pits. This 2020, more and more people will bring inside luxuries outdoors. Soon, you can use your own firepit to extend the day, night or season. Reach out to an interior design firm in Malaysia right now to start this awesome project.

Create your own garden.

At this day and age, more people are gearing towards healthy eating. Landscape design companies are seeing more requests for herb gardens and organic gardens, so live food is available for them all the time. You can position your organic garden near the kitchen entrance.

Choose an awesome water feature.

Water is not just a daily necessity. It is a powerful design element that you can incorporate in your own landscape design. Contemplate on its sensual nature, influence on temperature, color, sound and movements. Having a water feature in your outdoor space, like a garden fountain, can lift your spirits, and help with relaxation.

Come up with entertaining, comfortable entertainment spaces.

Entertainment and cooking are huge industries. Ask the help of your interior designer when it comes to creating awesome outdoor living experiences. Make the exterior part of your home a grand exterior of the interior. Check if you can incorporate a bar, lounging area and full-service kitchen. Spaces for singing and dancing are also beneficial.

Add functional bath and kitchen features.

Do you love outdoor entertainment and spring? Well, you can maximize your entire experience by putting up an outdoor kitchen with storage cabinets, sink and refrigerator. An outdoor shower can also contribute to your landscape overall function and form.