Concrete Admixture Application Process

No surface preparation is necessary to apply or use a concrete admixture, as they are added directly into the concrete during the manufacturing process. This represents a great advantage and a significant saving in terms of labor.

Concrete admixture application process

The great advantage of these additives is the ease with which they are applied.

  1. The key to the correct application of an additive is to use the appropriate percentage of product, which is indicated in the technical sheet. This percentage is completely reliable since it has been previously corroborated with laboratory tests.
  2. For this, it is important to know the amount of cement and other additives that the mixture will have, and based on that information, the exact amount of product to use can be determined.  
  3. Once the correct quantities are available, it is programmed in the dosing plant or, if it will be on site, a graduated glass or a scale must be used to measure the exact quantity of additive.

After applying the concrete admixture to the mix

It is important to follow the care provided by the safety data sheets during the application of the additives. Some additives are a bit aggressive when in contact with the skin, so they should be used by personnel wearing personal protective equipment when handling them.

In the case of accelerators, it is important to properly cure the concrete to avoid cracking due to rapid water loss.

When using a waterproofing additive, it is recommended that once the concrete element has been stripped, a visual inspection be carried out to detect bad vibrations, cracks or voids and they are repaired in a timely manner.

Plasticizers for dry concrete: 

It is an additive specially formulated for dry concrete, since it influences the hydration of the cement, facilitating the filling of the molds. 

It offers a better compaction of the concrete and increases its resistance. It can be used with any kind of cement. Recommended for the construction of blocks, pipes, curbs, vaults, fence elements, pavers, etc.

Chemical company offers high-performance, high-performance, multipurpose, water-reducing, new-generation plasticizers, special for prepared concrete, reinforced concrete and dry concrete, among others.

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