How to Choose the Right Watch for You?

Familiarize yourself with different watch movements and complications.

Take the watch buying process one step at a time. Read more about different watch movements. From there, decide if you prefer mechanical and quartz movements. There are also two types of mechanical movements–automatic and manual.

Some watches are designed with more functions, apart from timekeeping. They are called watch complications. Some examples of these are alarm, calendar, GMT, moon phase display and power reserve indicator.

Figure out the style that you want.

There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, so it’s normal for people to get confused and overwhelmed from time to time. Basically, for the most stylish men, there are 5 go-to types of watches:

a. Dress watch
b. Field watch
c. Dive watch
d. Aviator watch
e. Racing watch

Choose your watch.

At this point, you are already knowledgeable enough to pick a watch model. In order to make a good choice, ask yourself important questions. Where are you planning to wear it? Will it be for office work? If you are working a tough job, chances are, you need a tough timepiece. Moreover, if you are planning to wear it for specific activities such as racing, hiking and water activities, you need to get a timepiece that has the most appropriate features.

Find the best place to purchase watches.

Amazon – for many people, this is the number one choice to buy watches. It is a big online marketplace where you can find all sorts of products, including a wide range of timepieces. All you need to do is type in the specifics.