Technology And Human Society

The material and spiritual culture of people’s lives has been raised. The socialisation of the use of modern technology products has become a landscape of modern society. People’s clothing, food, housing and transport are all closely related to modern technology, and modern technology products have gradually been applied to all aspects of social life, becoming an important and indispensable part of modern human daily life.

Modern aeroplanes, cars, ships and other means of transport have greatly improved the speed of travel, making people not only comfortable on their journeys, but also saving a lot of time for Po-charge; the use of modern technological household appliances such as televisions, stereos, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners has met the needs of life and improved the quality of modern family life; the promotion and application of mobile phones have shortened the spatial distance between people and strengthened The use of mobile phones has shortened the spatial distance between people, strengthened the communication between people, facilitated the contact between people and the other, and improved efficiency; multimedia teaching is more intuitive and visualised in the classroom, which is conducive to improving the effectiveness of teaching; the use of computers and the Internet has made distance learning a reality. The use of computers and the Internet has made distance learning a reality, making it easier for people to learn about knowledge so that they can understand social information more quickly.

With the help of modern technology, film and television production techniques are becoming more sophisticated, enabling people to produce more visual films and videos. Newspapers Editorial and government offices can be made paperless. It can be said that modern technology has greatly contributed to the development of the material and spiritual civilisation of human society and the development of civilisation.

On the issue of the interaction between science and technology and social development, there is a view that social development is a self-referential evolutionary process from low to high, from simple to complex, and that science and technology, as a corroboration of the essential power of man, can free society from its existing sufferings and thus lead to perfection, and that the development of science and technology is bound to bring brilliant prospects for social development, patite stack light, for example. And the more science and technology develop, the more this mentality swells and the stronger this belief becomes. This is the position of scientific determinism, technological domination and intellectual hegemony in the matter of social development.

In any case, the scenarios have shown that the world of science is not clear. The relationship between scientific and technological progress and social development does not necessarily constitute a positive one but has an extremely complex and non-linear relationship. In other words, there is not an undifferentiated unity between scientific and technological progress and social development, but rather a degree of incompatibility. Science and technology, with their extraordinary technological capabilities, have solved the problem of instrumental rationality in modern society, but have never been able to do anything about the problem of value rationality, and have also caused a break in the growth of moral culture in social life, which has led to the dilemma of moral failure and even moral degradation. The non-linear correlation between technological progress and social development has been sensitively perceived by modern thinkers.

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