What is so appealing about gambling on online casinos?

As the amount of cases of the coronavirus continues to increase and vaccines rolling out at the end of the year, some Malaysians are stuck in their home unable to leave anywhere except purchasing groceries and other essential items from nearby stores in their area while some working Malaysians are continuing their business at home. While stuck at home, they tend to get more bored as they are only a few places they can go without exposing themselves to the virus while knowing that there are roadblocks that will fine them RM 1000 for traveling between states without a valid reason and a permission letter. So with every entertainment site closed, how does one kill time during the pandemic without being bored to death? If they are desperate enough, they can resort to gambling online.


As gambling is one of the most common pastime activities, some Malaysians would browse through gambling sites on their smartphones and computers to gain entertainment and money while they are stuck at home. Despite Malaysia being considered as an Islamic country due to Muslims making up for the majority of the population, Chinese and Indians make up for the rest of the population as the second and third most races respectively. Therefore, Malaysia has an exception by allowing their citizens to gamble except Muslim citizens while ensuring these races are abiding by the law of Sharia and Gambling Act 2005. The internet has never played a more prominent role until now with more people being forced to rely on the internet for not only entertainment, but for education and work as well to cope with their new lifestyle. Online gambling sites were not as popular as when they were first established as gamblers were able to satisfy their cravings by visiting the nearest gambling site. But now, they are a necessity for gamblers to entertain themselves until the SOP lightens. But more importantly, why are online casinos becoming more popular than before and what are making these gamblers to continue gambling online?


Perjudian online would frequently login to receive bonuses when they hit a checkpoint which provides them with free in-game credits and boosts that would further encourage them to gamble in their website by providing a loyalty bonus. Additionally, gamblers are also eligible for memberships that would provide even more bonuses by allowing their users to purchase different tiers of memberships. These memberships, with the addition to the login bonuses, would also enhance the bonuses that their users would receive in addition to more bonuses that they would not get otherwise. With the help of smartphones and computers, accessing any casino website has never been easier than before as gamblers are able to visit any casino sites and play their favorite games and gamble away. Additionally, these online casinos would also create mobile applications for both iOS and Android to provide more access to their services so working adults are able to gamble on their phones during breaks or in their free time.


As there is no end to this pandemic, Malaysia citizens must wait patiently even after getting their vaccine as they are still at risk of infections by other strains.

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